How much do 0843 cost?

0843 numbers work in exactly the same way as 0844 numbers, which are also now more widely used and well known and trusted by the public.

Just like an 0843 number, all 0844 numbers at 08Direct cost absolutely nothing to setup and connect.

When your customers call an 0844 number they are charged a flat rate of around 5p per minute when ringing from a landline. This is regardless of the time of day, and your company can earn a rebate on this cost.

This is dependent on how many incoming minutes you generate. Please call our team on 0844 504 4000 for more information on rebates.

Holding all the benefits of our 0843 non geographical number ranges, 0844 numbers are flexible, portable and provide a professional image for your business. Make them memorable numbers to increase the advertising potential and reach of your company.

Local numbers imply a small company with limited experience, where by 0843 numbers are associated with larger corporations. The simple necessity of a telephone number can dramatically increase the presence of your business in a competitive market.

The 0844 range which was brought in as a natural replacement for 0845 numbers, and since then consumer confidence rose with the introduction,  so you can grab your share of consumer trust by connecting an 0844 numbers.

An 0844 number also provides the benefit of call forwarding/diverting, especially useful if employees are working remotely or if you are out of the office regularly. Set a non geographical number to call an office landline and after a preset number of rings transfer the call to a colleague or straight to your mobile. It means you will never miss a potential lead or message as well as allowing confidentiality.

By attaching a non geographical to your company you will benefit from increased marketability, response rates and in turn sales.