08Direct launches Fax Manager – Brand new Fax-to-Email Online Upgrade

08Direct is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Fax Manager’, the brand new upgrade to the Call Command online portal. Thousands of customers already use Call Command to instantly edit their call plans and ensure they maximise all customer enquiries. As part of a series of recent upgrades, Fax Manager is now open for business!


The new service is available fro
m just £4.99 per month, which includes access to Call Command and the following fantastic benefits:Store Faxes Online for up to 6 MonthsRemove the needs to store sensitive paper in the office, through Fax Manager you can store your fax messages electronically. All your documents are safe and secure, and be downloaded and stored on your own systems when required.

No Limit on Incoming Fax Messages

There is no limit on the amount of fax-to-email messages you can receive.

Add up to 6 FREE Fax-To-Email Numbers

Once connected to a fax-to-email package you will be able to add up to 6 additional 0844 numbers completely free. This will enable you to completely separate different departments meaning staff are not wasting time dealing with faxes meant for a different area of the business.

Receive Faxes into Multiple Destinations

All your messages can be sent to multiple email addresses, ensuring that even if you or an employee is unavailable, the message is still received by someone else.

Detailed Online Reporting

Each fax you receive will be tracked and recorded in your online statistics. This will provide you with proof of receipt, as well as details on when the message was received.

By accessing Fax Manager you can completely change the way your business handles fax messages, as well as cutting costs. You no longer have need for an archaic  fax machine in the office, which cuts out expenditure on paper and toner – which is also more friendly to the environment.

For more information please visit our Fax-to-Email page or call our team on 0844 504 4000.