89% of SMEs using technology successfully in the workplace

There’s been some good news released for small businesses today with a survey revealing that 89% of SMEs are now maximising the use of technology within the workplace.

In a study by Hiscox, conducted in November and December last year, businesses are proven to be using technology to its full potential, which ultimately means that small businesses are ensuring their position at the forefront of technology.

But there is some bad news. This also means that workers are now constantly attached to their smartphones, with it being found that up to 37% of businesses and workers wind up working, even where they’re off duty.

Alan Thomas, small business insurance expect at Hiscox explained the findings: ‘As SMEs seek to keep their businesses running at all times, the option to clock off at 5pm is fast diminishing and being ‘switched on’ is becoming a normal way of life. Thanks to the reliance on, and access to technology, SMEs have become masters of technology but slaves to their work’.

Despite what may be seen to be a downside to these findings, it’s promising news that SMEs are being successful with the use of developing technologies, and are able to use technology to maximise their output!