BlackBerry’s ongoing service disruption puts RIM under pressure

BlackBerry users now find themselves facing a 3rd consecutive day of service disruption.

As a result, RIM, BlackBerry’s maker, whose recent financial results have disappointed investors (we blogged about it here ) is now under further pressure as it faces the prospect of losing subscribers who are disgruntled due to service quality.

In addition, BlackBerry’s competitors are challenging RIM’s technological advancements and service differentiators. For instance, its popular BB Messenger will be going head to head with Apple’s iMessage which launches later today. The new data-based push messaging service for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is a direct rival to BlackBerry’s popular BBM.

Every technology company has technical problems, so a single outage is forgivable, but three consecutive days will try the patience of even the most understanding customer who relies on their phone for so many aspects of their working lives. So, the technical experts at BlackBerry had better redouble their efforts to resolve their service problems. Otherwise, their customers may vote with their feet when their contracts come up for renewal.


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