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Published on December 27th, 2013 | by Kat Evans

Christmas should be a time for charity for your business



If you’re an 08Direct customer, you’ll already know about our work with our affiliated charity, Dreams & Wishes. We’ve worked closely with them for a number of years now, providing financial and marketing support, as well of course as providing their current telephone number and call management services.

Working with Dreams & Wishes, and with a number of other charities, allows 08Direct to ensure that we’re able to share our successes with those who are less fortunate, something we particularly around Christmas time.

Our CEO, Mahmood Mazhar, is particularly passionate about building links with charities and how building corporate partnerships between businesses and charities is extremely beneficial for both parties, he released a statement earlier this year on the topic, which you can read here.

Most larger corporate companies have a corporate social responsibility built into their ethos, meaning that they must incorporate charity work into their day-to-day running. Smaller businesses are not under the same obligations, but many do still build relationships with charities because of the benefits that they can bring.

It may seem strange to encourage businesses to work with charities to benefit themselves, but what we mean is that by helping charities, no matter how big or small your efforts, you are able to create great PR opportunities and give your brand a great boost. We wrote an article for SME Web earlier in the year about just how working with charities can help your business grow, check it out here!

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