Call Management Services

Call Management Services

FREE call management services with 08 numbers from 08 Direct!!!!!!

Call management services are the simplest most effective way of improving your telephone system.

Improve on customer service and retention with a FREE comprehensive call management service.

With every 0844 number from 08 Direct you receive call management services:

Fax to Email

Receive all your incoming faxes straight to a designated email inbox or several simultaneously.

Voice to Email

One of our most post popular call management services allows you to receive all your voicemails straight to a designated email inbox or several simultaneously, improving communication, customer response and efficiency when dealing with queries.

Welcome Message

Greet your customers in a professional manner with a welcome message from 08 Direct’s call management services.


Allow your customers to reach you 24 hours a day 7 days a week meaning you never miss a potential client lead.

Auto Attendant

Direct calls to the relevant person or department, saving time, money and giving the impression of a large corporation with call management services.

Call Whisper

Multiple businesses? A call whisper can tell you which business line the customer is calling i.e “this is a call for 08 Direct”…

Call Forwarding

Out of the office? Forward calls to your mobile so you never miss a potential lead. Alternatively, forward your calls within the office, targeting the correct people and departments.

Call Statistics

Our unique call statistics provide information regarding inbound calls, their formation, peaks and troughs.

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