Our Clients and Testimonials

We are proud to work with some of the leading brands in the UK. These case studies and testimonials are just a few examples of what some of the businesses who have used our services over the years, have to say about us.

Purple CV

We approached 08Direct after they were recommended to us by a friend. We have been really impressed with the ease of the setting up of our account and have found our account manager to be supportive and flexible to our needs as we continue to build up our business.

We chose on 0800 number to provide our customers with a free number to call and we’ve had a great response to it so far!

- Kimberly Arkley, Purple CVs
Happy Energy

We picked 08 Direct because their pricing was competitive and it was easy to select the number we wanted and to get the service up and running all online. The service and integration with our phone systems so far has been seamless and we would happily recommend them to others.

- Adrian Wright, Happy Energy
Swift Creations

We chose 08 Direct because of the quality of the services they offered. We have enjoyed a great relationship with 08 Direct over the years and our account manager is always on hand to advise us and help us make any changes to our account that may be needed. The services that allow us to personalise our call management are perfect so that we can ensure we provide the best customer service for our business!

Sleep Kings

At SleepKings we are more than happy with the service that 08Direct provides. We recently added another number to our range, and our dedicated account manager couldn't have been more helpful, and the setup was quick and easy, our number was active almost straight away. Our numbers, and our call management packages, enable us to handle the large volume of calls that we receive in a professional manner.

- Sam Khan, SleepKings
Sleep Kings

‘Yorkshire Energy Partnership is the leading not-for-profit sustainability company in the Yorkshire region. We offer money-saving, energy-efficient solutions to help people to live and work more sustainably. The service we received from 08 Direct was excellent as they helped us to choose the most suitable number range for our business and ensured that we had a comprehensive call management package in place to handle our calls professionally.

We’ve recently added another number to our account as we continue to grow our company and our account manager was extremely helpful in ensuring that our new number complements our work as well as our existing number. The reliability of 08 Direct’s support and service has been second to none and we hope that our relationship with them will continue!’

- Claire Horsefield, Office Manager
Prestige Flowers

Prestige Flowers are one of the UK's leading online flower delivery services. Having worked with 08Direct to deliver inbound telephony to another part of our business, we didn't hesitate that to expand our partnership for Prestige Flowers.

Our 0844 number has created a new revenue stream through our rebate, which is paid on time every month. The whole team at 08Direct could not have been more helpful, and we look forward to a continued relationship with them.

Compass Community

Compass Community is one of the leading independent foster care agencies in the UK and is currently working with thousands of foster carers all over the country.

As the agency looks to recruit more and more foster carers, we needed to look right across the UK, so approached 08Direct to help us present a nationwide image. By choosing an 0800 number, we encourage more callers, as the calls are free! We were delighted with how quickly the number was up and running and the service we have received has been brilliant!

- Luke Robinson, Compass Community
CV Savvy

Having set up our business in 2012 we felt that by having an 08 number, namely 0844, would allow us to promote a much more powerful and professional image. We are completely satisfied with 08Direct with their ease of providing this to us, along with a fax-to-email option as well, and for the courteous customer service they have provided us with since – a seamless, inexpensive and highly professional service, thank you very much.

human technics

With more of our customers and potential customers accessing our website on mobile devices we needed to change our 0845 number to a more mobile friendly number. When looking for a company to provide the new 03 number and service, I was looking for a service provider who could be quick, efficient and offered good rates – 08Direct was the perfect solution. Their website makes the process clear, easy and quick. I’m very happy with the service and our new number – thank you


Regent Removals provide a full range of removal services, as well as packing and storage. We connected a free phone 0800 number so that we could advertise to potential customers with a free to call number. Our current client base can also call us as often as they wish with no call costs. We advertise our number on our vans and trucks and have seen a large increase in calls since we began working with 08Direct. Their service has never let us down, and the team are always on hand to answer our questions.


At Smart Ark we design educational resources for children. This is to both help early learning development, and to aid in parent and child interaction. Since 2011, we have worked with 08Direct who supply us with an 0845 number which we use as the main contact number for the business. We paid the small one-off payment to personalise our call management features, which ensure we provide a professional and efficient service for our customers.


We’re very satisfied with the service we’ve received from 08Direct. Our numbers allows us to track our calls and manage them in a professional manner, so that our customer service has gone from strength to strength as we can now look after each and every caller as we can answer every call. Our account manager, Adam, is a top guy and is always happy to help us whenever we need to change something with our account.

- Tom Smedley,

At Gloves4Less we supply high quality disposable work wear, such as gloves, aprons and headwear, and a wide variety of medical supplies. We have recently set up an 0844 number with 08Direct to advertise on our website. This has instantly boosted the presence of our company, and has been an ideal way of tracking our call levels. The service has never let us down, and the whole team at 08Direct could not have been more helpful.


At HolidayShed, we provide holidays to locations all over the world. We rely heavily on our telephone system to make sure we are able to receive orders efficiently. 

Our numbers allow us to do exactly that, and the excellent call handling and management services we’ve received along with our numbers make sure that each customer gets the high quality service that we’ve established.

- Dan Medlock, HolidayShed

We chose a highly memorable 08 number from 08Direct as it makes it easy for our customers to contact us and gives Txtloan an extremely professional, national image. It is essential to our day to day business.

- Guillaume Fevrier, Head of Marketing, TxtLoan Ltd

As we deal with thousands of businesses it was really important to us to provide an 03 number to ensure we provide a number that is free to call from mobiles. Our website provides businesses with a whole range of daily business deals, and many of our visitors are looking for new ways to improve the way their businesses operate. The team at 03 Number Shop explained how everything works clearly, and we were delighted with the service we received.

- Saurav Chopra

08 Direct have been great help to our business. We needed an 0844 number to help deal with our enquiries and Adam was more than happy to help. It was setup very quickly and we could use it within a day or so. I would be happy to recommend 08 Direct to anyone looking for telephone services.

- Pete, FastCanvas

At JT Spas we supply a wide range of luxury bathroom furniture, bathroom suites and accessories. We have worked with 08Direct since 2010, using a wide range of their non geo numbers and online services. We have always found their team helpful, and their systems have never let us down.

- JT Spas

I am really impressed with 08 Direct. Your services are amazing and I actively recommend you to other businesses. 08 Direct is a fantastic concept, the service is second to none and I cannot praise or recommend you enough, it has just been so simple from start to finish.

- Katie Mays, Co-Founder of Bloom in Business

We setup an 03 number for XS Hair in Leeds to provide our clients with a free number to call from their mobile. Using the call management features we have been able create a professional system for answering calls which has significantly increased our level of customer service. The result being we won an award for the best customer service at the Leeds guide awards 2011/12.

- SaraLouise Turner

Cabmania operates an online marketplace for Taxi bookings. We work all across the UK and we were looking for a quick and easy to implement solution to connect between our taxi and minicab operatorswith our customers. We chose for several crucial reasons.

Their products and prices were exactly what we wanted but importantly we found that they were very responsive to our requests and really bent over backwards to meet our needs. In addition, their API meant that we could easily integrate their solution to our website, giving us fully automated control over telephone number allocation and assignment.

I would have no hesitation in recommending to other businesses because they provide an outstanding service, are extremely professional and responsive, and their API has given us seamless integration with our website. I couldn't ask for more and am grateful to the team for all of their support and efforts.

- Golan Shay, Cabmania Ltd

We train companies on delivering an excellent customer experience so it is important that we practice what we preach. Our 08 numbers give us a really professional image and allow us to handle our calls really professionally.

- Morgan Wilson, Sales & Marketing Director

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a highly professional service. Our memorable 0844 number and auto attendant were not only easy to set up but they also give us an ultra-professional image and strong national presence, which is ideal.

- Jack Fielding, Telesales Manager, Pearl Telecom

The Schoolfriend Club was set up to provide high quality, affordable childcare in schools across the UK. We contacted 08Direct in 2011 to set up an NGN as our main contact number. The initial setup was hassle free and as the business has grown so have our amount of calls, so we have introduced more services. Our dedicated account is always offering a helping hand.

- Rachel Griffiths - Director

Our 0844 numbers are a key part of our business and we have been very impressed with your service. The services always run smoothly without incident, and our rebates are always paid on time. It is exactly what you want from every supplier!

- Anthony Ryan, Origin Storage Limited

Thanks for the quick call back and the very quick turnaround
of getting the two 0844 numbers up and running. Very impressed! The 0844 numbers make us look more professional and save us money. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone else.

- Brian MacKay, Owner of BM Tech Repairs Ltd

We're really happy with 08Direct, we love the company, as they're always happy to help us develop our services further. We love the new tools and services being developed and can't wait to play with new features as they're released.

- Kat Pettit, Business Manager at Clayton Horsnell Ltd

We are working hard to create a leading edge and unique brand image for Mayfair Venues. So we selected a highly memorable 0333 number which definitely stands out from the crowd - customers regularly comment on it - and has undoubtedly increased both our calls and sales. We are planning to add additional services to it in the near future, in order to manage our calls even more efficiently.

- Fiona McKinna, Director

Swimming Nature has thousands of people attending its lessons each week in many different locations, so it was important for us to use a contact number that didn't link us to a single town. Our gold 0844 number gives us just the national image we wanted and helps to encourage more and more people to learn to swim.

- Andrew Arkley, Operations Manager

Starfish Models has been working alongside some of the biggest names in advertising for the last 10 years, so our brand is extremely important to us. Using a memorable 0844 number not only gives us a professional, national image but also allows us to provide exceptional service through the auto attendant, which makes sure our callers always reach the right department, first time.

- Natascha Dolly, Senior Model Booker, StarfishModels

Balconies Direct has been established for over 50 years and has built a solid reputation for providing premium quality products. Our 0800 number is a part of our high quality service because it makes it immediately obvious to our customers that we want their business and are prepared to pay for the call.

- Emma Boustead Balconies Direct Ltd

Bodybarn provides its clients with a unique hair, beauty and holistic treatments and we have built our reputation on the skill enthusiasm and professionalism of our staff. But our clients' experience starts long before they walk into the salon - it begins from the time they visit our website and choose to make an appointment. We believe that clients shouldn't have to pay to book an appointment so we use an 0800 number as it provides our clients with a free call. This shows them we really care and has the additional benefit of encouraging more clients to call us.

- Tamara Bonnar, Managing Director,

A4 are one of the UK's leading supplier of self-adhesive printer labels. As well as all the popular software ready sizes, their range includes 1000's of size/colour/material combinations. Orders placed before 4pm will be dispatched the same day for next day delivery. We connected two 0844 numbers for both our main sales line and fax numbers. We were hugely impressed with 08Direct supplying these numbers for free, and their reliable service has never let us down.

I own a mobile Caravan and Motorhome servicing and repair business operating across Norfolk and Suffolk.
From day one we've used 08Direct's 0844 number service.The non-geographic number gives us the edge over our competitors. It demonstrates to prospective customers that we are a truly professional business, intent on providing outstanding customer service. 08Direct have been very easy to deal with. Their billing system is open and concise. They are always available to deal with the smallest of queries. I would recommend that any small business who are just finding their way should consider contacting 08Direct to discuss their telecoms requirements.

Hitchins IT are an IT consultancy company, who deliver a personalised and highly tailored service. They connected an 0800 number to provide new and existing customers a free call number. Our 0800 number has been a great introduction to our company and our customers really appreciate the free call service. The service we have received has been excellent. The team at 08Direct are very knowledgeable and couldn't have been more helpful when setting up our number.

SP Mckinlay

08Direct have been a great help to our business in terms of ensuring our telephone and fax numbers were in sequence, and the fast setup and connection of our IVR. We now have a professional and interactive telephone system which ensures our clients get through to the right department straight away, whilst giving our staff the freedom they need to be in meetings or away from their phones and not miss any calls. The management portal provides a simple and effective view of call stats and the ability to manage call routing and IVR quick and easy.

- Jamie Donnelly – SP Mckinlay
Rock IT

After speaking with the 08Direct team we didn’t hesitate than to connect an 0844 number for our main sales line. Through our number we receive a monthly rebate, which has created a whole new revenue source for our business. We have taken full advantage of the additional services on offer, and regularly access the online portal to edit our call plans.

- Craig Nock, Rock IT
Gap Adventures

We have set up an 0844 number for our website, external marketing and partner relations. 08Direct have accommodated our ever-changing needs and fast paced requirements, for us this means our customers never lose out on a great service. Our dedicated account manager is always on hand to provide help and advice.

- Jenny, Gap Adventures
Achieve IT Consulting

“We set up our first 08 number a couple of years ago to give our business a more professional image. I have been really happy with the service, especially the free ad-ons such as the recorded welcome message, which most other companies charge for. We’ve also added a free fax-to-email number as well so there’s not much else I could ask for!