The Influential Telephone

According to the U.N, out of the 7 billion people in the world, a staggering 6 billion have access to a mobile phone. Since Alexander Bell’s invention of the telephone in 1876, it is thus likely to be agreed that this invention laid the foundations for the communication era that we are now heavily committed to. Long gone are the days where a piece of string and two tin cans were enough to amuse children and communicate with their friends, now the majority appear to be more interested in the latest mobile technology.

If we go back to basics, for business purposes, is it possible to run one without a telephone? Without supplying potential or existing customers with a telephone number to call, it seems unlikely to generate many leads, never mind the sales. As we’ve looked at before, the provision of a telephone number, whether mobile or landline appears to generate trust in a company’s existence and prompts contact, with the telephone still being the preferred method of contact. So, what else has Alexander Bell’s invention done for our businesses?

Need for Speed

This introduction to telephones enabled businesses and social lives to experience faster communication, disabling the need for post for immediate matters. The telephone continues to evolve into 2014 through the mobile market, with instant messaging apps and texting, emails and internet browsing, allowing the instant access of information at ease. As a result of faster communication, the business world in particular has become more competitive than ever before.

Industry Development

Seen in the existing features of the now mobile market, the telephone’s aid to industry has been immense. For businesses in particular, the telecommunications industry now offers additional features and services to enhance the user experience. With the initial voicemail services, to call routing, diverting, enabling businesses to view their call statistics and create hunt and ring groups, business owners have the ability to take full control and maximise the use of their telephone line.

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