Make use of your office fax machine with Fax Manager

Imagine you’re out of the office, but you need to view a document you’ve left on your desk. Or you’re closing a deal and you need the customer to sign the contract straight away but they’re hundreds of miles away. How do you solve these problems?

Fax machines seem to have been forgotten about, yet they’re part of almost every workplace in the country and they remain extremely useful. Fax-to-fax is the perfect way to send documents between different locations, so imagine the extra benefits that could come with being able to receive faxes straight to your email inbox.

Receiving faxes to your inbox will solve many common work dilemmas and ensure business efficiency, as it doesn’t matter where you are, you can receive faxes right to your mobile handset or tablet.

Just like your email inbox, your fax manager service will store up to 6 months of fax messages, so that you can have an easily accessible electronic record of each and every fax you receive. It will also allow you and up to 5 other members of your workforce to receive the same fax at the same time, expanding the possibilities for an efficient and dedicated workforce.

We’ve just launched added a new Fax Manager package to our range and it’s available to our customers right now with a launch offer of 2 months free! Contact your account manager today to find out more.