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Five top tips to starting a business on a budget

There’s a real trend at the moment for people leaving the rat race of their daily working lives to branch out on their own and build their own business. The attractiveness of being your own boss and being able to grow and mould an idea of your own into a successful entity is something more and…

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The Office Phone isn’t dead – it is more powerful than ever!

As a business owner, I bet you get several calls a week from companies promising to upgrade your office technology with revolutionary new systems that will transform the way you work. But when you take the plunge and install this technology, you find that these claims were overhyped, or certainly premature, as the technology fails…

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Agency workers’ rights – new rules to cost UK businesses £2bn

A couple of days ago we blogged about how red tape for businesses can sometimes be a good thing. But today’s post highlights new rules which are unlikely to be received warmly by UK SMEs. From tomorrow, agency workers will have additional rights in pay and benefits which are similar to full-time staff once they…

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What’s The Catch? It’s Sound too Good to be True…..

Are consumers overlooking a good deal these days because of scepticism or the worry of being caught out by a scammer……..? 08 Direct’s services are completely free with our wide range of bronze numbers all available free of charge but what’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one…… Recently we have noticed that consumers find our…

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