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Creating Business Identity: What to Consider

When starting a business, establishing your business identity is one of the most important things you can do. It’s the image you’ll promote to every future customer, the direction you want to take your business in and the beginning of your brand, so it’s something that requires a lot of thought and attention. Once you’ve…

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How to go about promoting your business on social media

Social media is now commonplace in business with most involving it in their marketing strategies. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways for businesses, of all sizes, to put themselves in front of potential and current customers. Each social media outlet gives you the opportunity to talk to and interact with people so…

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Top 10 Must-Have Features of a Good Business Website

Gone are the days of whether it’s an option to have a website for your business – these days you’d need a good reason to not have one. It acts as a virtual shop window so it pays to invest in it. We’ve put together our top 10 tips of the most features to have…

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How to grow your business nationwide

Now that everyone’s firmly back up and running after the Christmas break, it’s likely that you’re looking ahead to the New Year and feeling ambitious about what lies ahead. If you spent last year building your business or if you’re still in the process of doing so, it may be that you want to push…

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Ofcom: We are a nation of ‘multi-media multi-taskers’

Increasing demand for smartphones and tablets has created a nation of media multi-taskers, according to Ofcom’s latest research, which has brought the 1950s living room into the 21st Century. Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2013 reveals that the number of people coming together to watch the main household TV set has risen over the last decade…

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