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Startup Telecoms: The mystery solved!

You’re setting up your business, you’ve got your finances sorted, your business plan is in place, your website is set up and you’re ready to begin. But what about your telecoms? It’s one part of a business that is vital to have in place but is rarely reviewed, you usually choose a package or system…

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08Direct’s Top Tips to Moving Business Premises with Ease

Whatever your reason for moving business premises, it can always be a stressful time. You need to have everything in place to make sure that your new location is capable of hosting your business needs, but it’s not as simple as just picking everything up from your current location and taking it there. When looking…

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Mobiles will outnumber people by 2014

It has been predicted that mobile handsets are going to outnumber the amount of people in the world by next year. In a report released by the International Telecoms Union, the agency has said that mobile subscriptions will pass the seven billion mark within the early part of 2014 to be on a par with…

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If it ain’t broke….Pylons, 08 Numbers and the quest for constant innovation

With the loss of one of the world’s greatest inventors (Apple’s Founder, Steve Jobs) innovation has been a topic of much debate recently. Lots of people have been pontificating about the increased pace of change and need for continual development so that things work better, faster, harder. Sometimes, though, innovation takes time. Take electricity pylons.…

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BlackBerry’s ongoing service disruption puts RIM under pressure

BlackBerry users now find themselves facing a 3rd consecutive day of service disruption. As a result, RIM, BlackBerry’s maker, whose recent financial results have disappointed investors (we blogged about it here ) is now under further pressure as it faces the prospect of losing subscribers who are disgruntled due to service quality. In addition, BlackBerry’s competitors…

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The Office Phone isn’t dead – it is more powerful than ever!

As a business owner, I bet you get several calls a week from companies promising to upgrade your office technology with revolutionary new systems that will transform the way you work. But when you take the plunge and install this technology, you find that these claims were overhyped, or certainly premature, as the technology fails…

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Steve Jobs – 1955 2011

It was with great sadness that I heard the news this morning reporting Steve Jobs’ passing. Regardless of whether you are an Apple devotee or not, it is undeniable that Steve Jobs’ vision, creativity and innovation has had a dramatic impact on our personal and business lives. His inventions were always way ahead of the…

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Has the iPhone 4S launch bruised Apple?

So, there’s a new iPhone, but it’s not the one the world was expecting. In fact the iPhone 4S is really just a slightly enhanced version of the existing model. It has the same look and feel as the existing iPhone 4, which was launched 15 months ago, but boasts an improved camera, longer battery…

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UK managers fear we are going back to recession

I have to confess that I didn’t really want to write this blog, because I fear that I am now contributing to the self-fulfilling prophecy that says we are talking ourselves back into recession again… We, as business owners and managers, need confidence. Confidence from our customers. Confidence from the banks. Confidence from our suppliers.…

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