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Top 10 Must-Have Features of a Good Business Website

Gone are the days of whether it’s an option to have a website for your business – these days you’d need a good reason to not have one. It acts as a virtual shop window so it pays to invest in it. We’ve put together our top 10 tips of the most features to have…

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Number of women owning websites grows as gender gaps closes

The gender gap in website ownership is closing as the number of women registering domain names has risen by 9 per cent, according to a study released this week. Domain registrar 123-reg polled 7,000 of its customers and found that over 27 per cent of its customers are women showing an increase in the figures…

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Five top tips to starting a business on a budget

There’s a real trend at the moment for people leaving the rat race of their daily working lives to branch out on their own and build their own business. The attractiveness of being your own boss and being able to grow and mould an idea of your own into a successful entity is something more and…

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