Take That – Robbie’s alternative 0800 number

So, Robbie Williams is at it again. Where would we be without his media-friendly, attention seeking outbursts? Whether you love him or loathe him, Robbie knows how to get people talking about him, and here I am writing a blog about him for 08 Direct…so, “what’s all this got to do with non-geographic numbers?”, I hear you ask….I’ll explain….

On Take That’s massive sell-out tour, Robbie has been subjecting fans to regular four-letter outbursts, prompting a newspaper report earlier this week about his bad language and its unsuitability for a family audience.

As a result, he brought up the subject of complaints as he spoke to the audience at Wembley Stadium. Then he joked there was a helpline number they could call if they were offended: “0800 Go F*** Yourself”. He repeated the number four times for good measure.

Sorry to tell you Robbie, but although alpha numeric phone numbers are popular, particularly in the USA, they are less common in the UK and in any case, your number has too many digits, so you can’t have it. Any of your fans who try to dial it (0800 46 3825 96877353, if you are interested) won’t get through.

0800 ROBBIE (0800 762243), is already in use in New Zealand for, wait for it, a bus hire company called….you won’t believe it…..Robbie’s Fun Bus! Seriously, check it out at here

And perhaps that’s where Mr Williams should be if he wants to continue swearing at impressionable young kids…back on the bus to a far away land.


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