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As they are relatively cheap to call, 0844 numbers are ideal for generating high response rates with no inbound call charges for you. In fact, if you generate a high level of incoming calls you can earn money from every minute you generate. By earning a rebate from your calls, you can offset the cost of running your sales or customer service operations. Click here for more information on how to earn a rebate.

Our 0844 numbers are simple to connect and depending on the number you choose, you may receive both the number and the service completely free. If you choose to direct your 0844 number to a mobile there is a small monthly payment required, but if you choose to direct to a landline, there’s no charge at all. We will never ask you to sign up to minimum contract so regardless of which package you use, your options will remain open!

  • No Setup Fee
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Instantly Boost Sales Enquires
  • Increase Response Rates
  • Accurately Track Advertising Campaigns
  • Free Call Management Services
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Divert to Landline
Per Month

  • No Call Limits
  • Free Call Management
Divert to Mobile
Per Month

  • No Call Limits
  • Free Call Management

Free Call Management Services

All 0844 numbers are supplied with free call management services worth £60 per year. Information on premium services please visit our services page.

welcome message
Welcome Message
Voicemail To Email
call statistics
Call Statistics
fax to email
account manager
Account Manager
Upgradeable features
Upgradable Features

Benefits of Using an 0844 Number

Earn Revenue of your calls

Earn up to 4p per minute on your incoming calls. If you generate at least 500 minutes of calls each month (around 10 calls per day) you could introduce a brand new revenue stream to your business.

Near real-time reporting

Gain a greater understanding of who’s calling your 0844 number with live online statistics. You can view missed call reports or accurately track campaign response rates. It can also be ideal to monitor call levels to different departments within your company.

Improved business image

Begin advertising your business alongside national companies with a professional 0844 number. A non-geographic number enables you to advertise outside your local area and gives off a big business image.

Online control

Your 0844 number setup can be managed online through our online portal. Here you can change the destination number as well as make instant changes to your call services such as voicemails and call queues. Many of our advanced services involve a monthly cost, please speak to our account managers for further details.

Disaster recovery

If for whatever you or your staff are unable to attend the office you don’t need to miss any important business calls. Using our services you can simply change where your 0844 number is pointed meaning you can take calls on your mobile, at home or literally anywhere in the world.

Memorable numbers

Our website advertises a wide range of highly memorable 0844 numbers. Using a gold or silver 0844 number means your customers will never forget your number and adds a whole new level of business image.

Need More Than One Number?

If you need to order multiple numbers please speak to a member of our team.
Contact us online or call 0344 504 4000.

Earn a rebate on every minute of inbound calls

As our 0844 numbers are owned and operated by Core Telecom we pay the highest rebates in the UK. We can offer your service completely free of charge as we earn revenue from every minute of inbound calls you generate on your 0844 number. If you consistently receive a high level of calls we are committed to sharing this revenue with you.

If you begin working with us and gradually build your call traffic your account manager will contact you to discuss your options, alternatively if you already receive a high call volume please contact one of our advisors.

Mins per month
Level of rebate
500 – 2,500 1.5p per minute
2,500 – 10,000 2p per minute
10,000 – 25,000 2.5p per minute
25,000 – 50,000 3p per minute
50,000 – 75,000 3.5p per minute
75,000 + 4p per minute

0844 Numbers: We've Answered Your Questions

  • When will my 0844 number be live?

    When you place an order through 08Direct you receive a customer confirmation email which contains your details and the 0844 number you ordered. At the same time our account managers receive a notification of your order and will process it as soon as time allows. During office hours this can be within minutes. Your allocated account manager will then contact you to confirm your details, answer any further questions and discuss any additional services.

  • How much is it to call 0844 numbers?

    From 1st July 2015 the cost to call all 0844 numbers changed. The new charges make the calls much more transparent. The call costs are now split into two parts:

    1. Connection charge – This is set by your network provider
    2. Service (per min) cost – This is set by the 0844 number operator

    All 0844 numbers supplied by 08Direct have a service cost of 7p per minute, which should be clearly advertised alongside the number. Please speak to a member of our team for more details.

  • Why do you charge for more memorable 0844 numbers?

    Providing a highly memorable 0844 number will ensure your customers never forget your number, and will add whole new level of professionalism to your business. Big businesses across the UK use the very best numbers as they know this makes them appear the most powerful as they stand out from the competition.

    So as a result we place a one-off fee on our silver and gold numbers which we advertise on the website. If you require something highly memorable or are looking for a specific series of numbers please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team. Many other providers will charge a connection fee or even a monthly payment for memorable 0844 numbers so be sure to discuss your requirements with us before working with another provider.

  • Can I still use my landline or mobile if an 0844 number is pointed at it?

    Our 0844 services are completely separate to your current landline or mobile setup, all calls are simply mapped onto your telephone number or numbers. Your current landline or mobile calls are not affected; they will continue to operate as normal.

  • Can I dial out on my 0844 number?

    All services on 08Direct are known as ‘inbound’ and all our numbers are revered to as ‘cloud based’. Your inbound calls to your 0844 number are pointed at your existing landline and / or mobile number. All your outbound calls will continue as they always have with callers seeing your landline or mobile before answering.

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