VOIP Telephony For Business

Move over to a cloud based telephone system

You can instantly save money on your outgoing phone calls by upgrading to a hosted system. Our hosted solutions (or VOIP) are very affordable, easy to use and embrace the latest technology.

All calls made using a VOIP system are made and received over an internet connection. This makes the calls cheap and ensures a clear connection and voice clarity at all times.

Every user or handset on your system can be instantly managed through our online interface, regardless of their geographic location. You can take complete control through the web, this removes any requirement for expensive in house or external support engineers.

  • Low running costs
  • Instant changes and upgrades
  • Free calls between other office locations
  • Take control in house
  • Flexible working
  • Clear voice quality
  • Guarantee business continuity

take complete control of your telephone system

Using our online portal you and your staff can take complete control of your communications. Each users call volume, diverts and voicemails can be easily accessed and edited either on the go or used to empower each employee.

  • Instantly add and remove users from your system
  • Enable each user to manage their own contact directory
  • Manage call diverts ensuring no call goes unanswered
  • Twin calls between your handset and mobile phone
  • Listen, download and store all voicemail messages
  • Track call usage through easy to understand statistics
  • Introduce flexible working with Remote Office
  • Secure logins enable hot desking

Free Handsets, Free Calls and Fantastic Service

VOIP will reduce your phone bills and save money of expensive maintenance of other phone systems. Our easy to understand package places all costs into one simple monthly fee. This includes free HD handsets, free calls and access to our online portal. All this along with a fantastic quality of service makes us your ideal VOIP provider.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. You pay one all-inclusive price.

Polycom VVX 450 Handsets
Calls to UK Landline numbers

Just £15

per user/month:

  • No maintenance charge
  • Keep your exiting numbers
  • Voicemail
  • Mobile Twining
  • Live call statistics

Call: 0800 774 0774

Calls to UK Mobile numbers
No maintenance fees

We upgraded sites in Leeds and Manchester to the VoIP system and received a top class service. Not to mention the cost savings and new features that came with the hosted solution.

Matthew Dews, RFL

VOIP For Business - Your Questions Answered

VoIP or IP telephony does utilise a lot of modern technology but it is very easy to install and manage. Your system can grow with your business and the cost savings are obvious. Your customers will benefit from your great service and your business and employees will see and instant increase in efficiency and productivity.

All you need is a broadband connection, you simply plug the handset into your router or network and start making and receiving calls. We supply the IP handsets for free as part of your monthly package. As the service is cloud based there is no need for any expensive hardware installations.

Yes, you don’t need any of it any more – think what you could do with that space!

Of course, your VoIP phone will call anyone just like any other phone. Plus, anyone will obviously be able to call you too.

Yes, it really does. Your monthly package comes with inclusive calls to both landlines and mobiles, which means you won’t get a surprise when the bill arrives. You also get free internal company calls, even if a colleague is at a different site. Plus, there is no initial hardware investment or maintenance costs.


We understand how critical your phone calls to your business. We are dedicated to a smooth and seamless transition.

No, your VoIP phones work over your broadband connection. All you need to ensure is that your router in one at all times.