Cancellation Request

We’re sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your service with us

To request cancellation please complete and submit the form below. These details are emailed direct to our accounts department who will process your cancellation. So that we can further improve our services we would kindly ask that you let us know the reason for ending your service. Once your request has been actioned you will receive an email notification. Please keep this on file for future reference.

    Company Name

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    Account ID (or 08/03 Telephone Number)

    Email Address

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    Reason for Leaving

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    What happens next?

    As stated in our Terms & Conditions which you will have receivced when you began your service, we ask for 30 days notice prior to terminating a service. Plus, as we bill 1 month in arrears your final bill will be due at the end of the month after.


    If I request cancellation on 20th August my service will end of 19th September, and my final bill will be paid at the end of October.

    With this is mind please do not cancel your direct debit payments as this will mean you miss one of your final payments. This could mean you incur further admin charges and potentially legal action. Your account will not be fully closed down until all payments have been brought up-to-date.

    Simply cancelling your payments with your bank does not constitute cancellation and you will be liable for any outstanding payments.