07 Virtual Mobile Numbers

07 Virtual Mobile Numbers

Choose a virtual mobile number today!

Forward to any UK landline or mobile


Keep your personal number private

Optional inbound SMS available


Low cost, unlimited minutes

Benefits of a Virtual Mobile number

  • Low monthly cost with no setup fee
  • No minimum contract
  • Personal UK 07 inbound number.
  • Track performance with online call statistics
  • Ideal for advertising in local directories or social media
  • Receive calls on your mobile or landline (or both)
  • No SIM or hardware required
  • Optional SMS enabled
  • Memorable numbers available upon request

Depending on the service your business provides, your customers may prefer to call a mobile, rather than a corporate landline or Non-geographic number. For example; a contact number on a business card, a personal number for online profiles or for trackable marketing.

Providing customers with a mobile number however can provide certain drawbacks in terms of giving out your personal home phone or mobile number.

With 08Direct’s Virtual mobile range, we can connect to a UK landline or mobile and allow you to keep your existing number hidden from the public. Any of our mobile numbers can be forwarded to any UK landline or mobile number you provide, as well as hosting additional features such as personalised welcome messages and Voicemails.

07 Virtual Number Packages

Connecting to Landline

Unlimited minutes


Connecting to Mobile

Unlimited minutes


Free IVR

No Charge

Generic Welcome

Generic Voicemail

Online Call Stats

Basic IVR


Free Call Management +

Call Whisper

Online Call Stats

Free Personalised Recordings

Advanced IVR


Basic +

Call Queue

Hold Music

Keypad options

Elite IVR


Advanced +

Time of Day Routing

In/out of hours set up

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