Local 01 & 02 Numbers

Give your business a local presence in any town or city in the UK

If you’d like to promote your businesses with a local feel, showing customers that you serve a particular area or you’d like to expand your local customer base, then a geographic 01 or 02 number will enable you to do just that.

Depending on the service your business provides your customers may prefer to buy or utilise a local business, whether you’re a tradesmen, courier, web designer, shop or service based business.

A virtual geographic number will allow you to create a local presence in any area of the UK regardless of your geographic location. You also provide customers with a low cost way to contact you from a mobile or landline.

Any of our local numbers can be forwarded to any UK landline or mobile number you provide, allowing your business to keep its local feel no matter how big you may become.

  • No setup fee
  • No minimum contract
  • Numbers are available in every UK area code
  • Target customers who only use local business
  • Track performance of each number with online call statistics
  • Perfect for advertising in local directories or media
  • Receive calls on your mobile or landline (or both)
  • Thousands of memorable numbers to choose from
  • No Engineer or hardware required

No contract or set up costs

Just a simple monthly fee

Divert to Landline
£ 3.99
Per Month

  • 600 minutes
  • 1p/m Out Of Bundle Cost
Divert to Landline
£ 9.99
Per Month

  • 2000 minutes
  • 1p/m Out Of Bundle Cost
Divert to Mobile
£ 9.99
Per Month

  • 600 minutes
  • 2p/m Out Of Bundle Cost
Divert to Mobile
£ 19.99
Per Month

  • 1200 minutes
  • 2p/m Out Of Bundle Cost

We won’t be beaten on price. If you find another supplier willing to off a better package get in touch, we’d be delighted to beat it.

Choose Your Local Number

Create a local presence in any town or city across the UK. Submit your contact details along with the local area code you require and a member of our team will call you straight back.





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    Our Most Popular Local Numbers

    We’ve put together helpful pages for our most popular local numbers, but we do have virtually every UK area code on file. Use the form above to select individual areas of the UK or don’t hesitate to speak to our team.


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    0151 Numbers

    Enjoy Free Call Management Services

    Every local number from 08Direct is supplied with free call managements services. These specially selected services instantly create you a professional call handling service.

    welcome message
    Welcome Message
    Voicemail To Email
    call statistics
    Call Statistics
    fax to email
    account manager
    Account Manager
    Upgradeable features
    Upgradable Features

    Choose From Thousands of Highly Memorable Local Numbers

    London Numbers

    0203 504 0405
    0203 504 5045
    0203 504 0110
    0203 504 7878
    0203 504 3123

    Manchester Numbers

    0161 949 0161
    0161 949 9888
    0161 949 0102
    0161 949 8181
    0161 949 4950

    Liverpool Numbers

    0151 679 2016
    0151 679 7671
    0151 679 3121
    0151 679 1001
    0151 679 1679

    Birmingham Numbers

    0121 529 1515
    0121 529 3101
    0121 664 9002
    0121 529 2233
    0121 529 2259

    These are just examples of highly memorable local numbers we have on file for major cities. We can provide numbers for every area code in the UK so please contact us to discuss your requirements.