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Stand Out From Your Competition With A Freephone 0800 Number

By introducing an 0800 number to your business, you will instantly give your customers a completely free-to-call number, so that your customers can call you as often as they require, without incurring any call costs.

Research has shown that using 0800 numbers can increase sales enquiries by up to 185% and they can instantly increase response rates to your advertising and marketing campaigns. Customers trust also dramatically increases as you are the one incurring all of the call costs.

Buying your 0800 number is easy, simply select your number from our list below. Next you select your call package and additional services and simply input your contact details.

  • Free to Call From Landlines & Mobiles
  • No Setup Fee
  • Instantly Boost Sales Enquires
  • Increase Response
  • Accurately Track Advertising Campaigns
  • Free Call Management Services
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • No surcharge for mobile calls
Divert to Landline
£ 4.99
Per Month

  • 550 minutes
  • 3p/m Out Of Bundle Cost
  • No surcharge for calls from mobiles*
Divert to Landline
£ 9.99
Per Month

  • 1250 minutes
  • 3p/m Out Of Bundle Cost
  • No surcharge for calls from mobiles*
Divert to Mobile
£ 9.99
Per Month

  • 250 minutes
  • 7p/m Out Of Bundle Cost
  • No surcharge for calls from mobiles*

*08Direct do not charge you extra for calls to your 0800 number originating from a mobile. Many providers add a surcharge of up to 7p per minute. Be sure you know of any hidden charges before connecting with anyone else!

Free Call Management

Each 0800 number is supplied with free call management services (worth £60 per year) which instantly create a professional call handling service.

welcome message
Welcome Message
Voicemail To Email
call statistics
Call Statistics
fax to email
account manager
Dedicated Account Manager
Upgradeable features
Upgradable Features

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Benefits of Using an 0800 Number

Advertise a national presence

Regardless of your size and location an 0800 number will instantly give you a national presence. You can advertise across the country while using a professional business phone number.

A Freephone number

As an 0800 number is free to call from both landline and mobiles, your customers can call you as often as they need without paying an call costs.

Highly memorable numbers

An 0800 number is easy to remember, especially if you purchase one of special numbers for a small one-off cost.

Introduce a big business image

Even if your business is based at home or on the road an 0800 number will allow you to advertise alongside your large competitors.

Move without changing number

Our online portal allows you to make instant changes to your call routing plans. This removes any problems caused by changing our landline or mobile number.

Campaign performance tracking

By using separate 0800 numbers on each of your adverts you can accurately track response rates through our online call statistics.

Need More Than One 0800 Number?

If you need to order multiple numbers please speak to a member of our team.
Contact us online or call 0344 504 4000.

Advanced Call Features Available

Our advanced call routing services are available through our monthly IVR packages.

Voicemail to email

Have you voicemails delivered as WAV audio file attachments to your chosen email address.

Hunt Group

Add multiple destination numbers which ring one-by-one until your business call is answered.

Ring Groups

Ensure your calls are answered asap. Divert your calls to multiple destination numbers which ring at the same time.

Missed Call Reports

Our online portal will allow you to view missed calls, including the number that called and the time the call was received.

Keypad Options

Greet your customers with professional keypad option to divert calls to the correct department or staff member.

Call Queue

Place your calls in a queue until you or your team are available to take the calls.

Queue Stats Monitor

View online statistics showing how long your calls are left on hold, and when your busiest periods are.

Time of day routing

Create a unique call set up which works around your individual business requirements. Perfect for out of hours and busy periods.

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