Case Studies

We are proud to work with some of the leading brands in the UK

Gap Adventures

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Gap Adventures provide international tours for people with a passion for adventure, helping them to discover new places and explore new things.

With head offices based in Canada and office locations worldwide, Gap Adventures required a telephone system that allowed customer calls to be routed throughout the world so they could easily keep in contact with travellers and destinations across the world. Because of the various locations, the different time zones needed to be brought into consideration as well, so that calls could always be answered.

08 Direct implemented an integrated IVR solution, which provides an end to end telephony system, capable of handling several different worldwide number locations. Time of day routing was also paramount to the system, so that all calls could be answered by being diverted to the appropriate departments and places, taking into account the different time zones across the countries.

An 0844 number was provided for use by UK customers, so they are able to call the company at a cheap rate. 08 Direct’s sister company, Core Telecom is a Tier 1 Network, allowing the provision of excellent quality in terms of international call termination, as well as letting Gap Adventures earn a significant revenue from their inbound calls.

By choosing 08 Direct, Gap Adventures now provides a high-quality telephone service incorporating worldwide locations whilst ensuring customer calls are always charged at a low call rate.

A4 Labels

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A4 Labels launched back in 2005 and as a company enjoyed continued growth. As the business grew the company owner, Colin was finding it hard to balance his time across all aspects of the business, which included more and more business enquiries over the phone.

In addition, Colin felt using a local landline number was having an impact on business as he wanted to attract new business from across the UK.

After contacting 08Direct, our advisors suggested that an 0844 number would be perfect for the business. This was perfect as there were no initial costs to connect the number, and it instantly gave A4 Labels a more professional image and a national presence.

A memorable 0844 number was selected, and a personalised script was created and recorded to take full advantage of our call management services. This included a welcome message, voicemail, call whisper and IVR.

In addition, a second 0844 number was connected and setup as a free fax-to-email service. It was only one digit different than the mainline number and looks highly professional advertised together on the website.

A4 Labels has now developed into one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Printer Labels. Their customer base includes large companies, schools and home businesses.

Colin Hawker, Owner of A4 Labels commented: “I have been delighted with the performance of our two 0844 numbers. 08Direct’s advisors are always on hand to answer any questions and ensure we are getting the most of all the services on offer. Their network has never let us down and I looking forward to a continued relationship in the future.”

  • The Challenge
  • Solution
  • The Result provides package holidays for groups of lads wanting an amazing yet affordable holiday.

Due to competition within the travel industry, the company decided that they needed to set themselves apart by ensuring they stood out from the crowd. As well as this, as the company’s call volume increased as it grew, the company required a telephone system that would enable them to ensure that each and every call was handled in a professional and efficient manner as well as boosting the company’s image as a market leader.

08 Direct decided that the best solution for would be to provide a memorable 0844 number, which would allow for the business to promote a professional and capable image, as well as enabling them to receive a rebate from their inbound calls, giving the company a brand new revenue stream.

An IVR was also set up to allow the company to differentiate between calls and divert customers through to their desired department with ease, making sure that customers were able to call the company and have their query dealt with quickly and easily. now provides a business phone number that has added extra value to their website and services.

Through 08 Direct’s rebate provisions, they have also been able to generate a brand new revenue stream for their business. Their call volume has also been boosted through the increase in enquiries that their 0844 number has encouraged, as they promote a larger and a more professional image across the internet.