Virtual London Phone Numbers

Advertise as a local business in London with a virtual 0203 phone number

A virtual London number allows you to advertise your business as ‘local’ across London regardless of your geographic location. It could be that you are based in Leeds, but want appeal to a local audience in London or give off the impression you are expanding without the cost of opening offices in central London.

Additionally even if you are based in London a virtual 02 number allows you to receive business calls to multiple numbers and introduce a whole level of professionalism with a highly memorable number.

As with all virtual numbers, all your calls can be forwarded to your existing landline or mobile, and additional call management services can ensure you can make missed business calls a thing of the past.

  • From just £3.99 per month
  • Divert calls to your landline and/or mobile
  • Choose a highly Memorable number
  • Advertise a local London presence
  • Free call management services
Divert to Landline
£ 3.99
Per Month

  • 600 minutes
  • 1p/m Out Of Bundle Cost
Divert to Landline
£ 9.99
Per Month

  • 2000 minutes
  • 1p/m Out Of Bundle Cost
Divert to Landline and Mobile
£ 9.99
Per Month

  • 600 minutes
  • 2p/m Out Of Bundle Cost

Free Call Management

All our London phone numbers are supplied with free call management services worth £60 per year.

welcome message
Welcome Message
Voicemail To Email
call statistics
Call Statistics
fax to email
account manager
Account Manager
Upgradeable features
Upgradable Features

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Need More Than One Number?

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London Phone Numbers – We’ve answered your questions

How much do virtual London numbers cost?

You can connect an 0203 number for your business from just £4.99 per month. This includes free call forwarding to your existing landline number, 600 inclusive inbound minutes and free call management services. There are no setup costs or expensive hardware installations.

Can I receive business calls from my 02 number on my mobile?

You can map calls to either your landline or mobile, or both if you require that service. To include a mobile on your call plan you will need to select a mobile package, which start from £9.99 per month.

Are there memorable London phone numbers available?

The beauty with selecting a London number with 08Direct is that you have the freedom to select your number from thousands of memorable numbers. Our more memorable numbers have a one-off cost attached to them, which increases depending on their memorability, starting with our bronze numbers which are completely free. We have Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum numbers, and our team would be happy to talk you through.

Can I turn my virtual London number into a real landline?

No. All our numbers are virtual and cannot be turned into a traditional landline.

I would like to order multiple numbers – can I do this?

Of course. If you wish to order more than one London number for your business we advise you contact our sales advisors.

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