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The Digital Economy Act 2010

The Digital Economy Act 2010 receives opposition from BT and Talk Talk. The Digital Economy Act 2010 has been open to much contention from BT and Talk Talk, who are calling for greater clarification and repeal before the act is fully implemented. The Digital Economy Act 2010 was brought about as a way to reduce…

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Telecommunications Act 1984

The Changing Face of British Telecommunications in the 80s – Telecommunications Act 1984 In 1984 British Telecom’s dominance of the telecommunication industry was squashed as the country went through privatisation and British Telecom became a plc company renamed as BT. This brought about huge changes in the telecoms industry, now seeing over 300 licensed companies…

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BT Cut Early Termination Rates By Up To 85%

BT, Talk Talk and Virgin Cut Termination Rates by up to 85% Due to an 18 month review conducted by telecoms regulator Ofcom, companies BT, Talk Talk and Virgin Media have made pledges to reduce the cost of terminating a landline contract early. When signing up to receive a landline service through a provider, you…

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