Tips for business

How An 0800 Number Benefits Your Business

As a small business, it is very challenging competition with much larger companies that have the same target audience as you. Lucky for you, an 0800 Number gives your company a lot of sale benefits. Easy To Remember 07 Numbers are easily forgotten and aren’t very professional, there as an 0800 number looks way more professional and is…

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disaster recovery

10 things that should be in your disaster recovery plan

Any business can suffer from a disaster, such as a flood or fire or be seriously affected by cyber attack or staff illness. With all this in mind, it’s vital that as a business owner or senior manager you have disaster recovery procedures in place to guarantee business continuity. When deciding if your business needs…

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Barriers to Small Business Success

According to the Entrepreneur’s Alliance, over half a million people started their own business in 2013, and over 70% of businesses are starting from home, thus aiding their local economy. With a strong start from 2013, 2014 is set to increase employment further; however, despite small businesses contributing to their local economies, SMEs have begun…

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Spring Clean your Business!

The sun is shining, and here at 08 Direct we’re joyfully waving goodbye to the gloom of grey skies and welcoming the army of daffodils leading us into Spring. With car boot sales thriving, a de-clutter at this time of year must pay off, so why not apply the same concept to your business and…

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Reaching Goals Alongside the London Marathon Runners

A staggering 888,552 runners have completed the London Marathon in its 33 years of existence! This weekend, another few thousand runners head to London for their Marathon challenge, a brave member of the 08 Direct team included! Whilst the rest of us are saving our legs, we explore the similarities of reaching those all-important goals for…

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Creating Business Identity: What to Consider

When starting a business, establishing your business identity is one of the most important things you can do. It’s the image you’ll promote to every future customer, the direction you want to take your business in and the beginning of your brand, so it’s something that requires a lot of thought and attention. Once you’ve…

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What does the 2014 Budget mean for your business?

We were told to expect a Budget of ‘hard truths’ and a ‘Budget for business’, but what exactly did we get? There were a number of elements of the 2014 Budget that should please the business community, with the main focus of the business points being upon boosting business investment and exporting. The Chancellor promised…

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How to go about promoting your business on social media

Social media is now commonplace in business with most involving it in their marketing strategies. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways for businesses, of all sizes, to put themselves in front of potential and current customers. Each social media outlet gives you the opportunity to talk to and interact with people so…

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UK Storm: How can businesses recover?

After yesterday’s hurricane-force winds and the ongoing floods affecting a large part of the country, we’re hoping that businesses around the UK have been able to keep up and running without too many problems! Disaster recovery is something that is vital to all businesses, with the recent problems simply irritating that fact. Luckily, with current…

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