Tips For Marketing Your Small Business

Know Your Audience Knowing your audience is key to successful marketing. So firstly ask yourself who is your ideal customer and what do they do? With audience targeting you’re way more likely to reach customers that have an interest in your product or service instead of wasting ad money on uninterested eyes. If your ideal…

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How An 0800 Number Benefits Your Business

As a small business, it is very challenging competition with much larger companies that have the same target audience as you. Lucky for you, an 0800 Number gives your company a lot of sale benefits. Easy To Remember 07 Numbers are easily forgotten and aren’t very professional, there as an 0800 number looks way more professional and is…

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Reaching Goals Alongside the London Marathon Runners

A staggering 888,552 runners have completed the London Marathon in its 33 years of existence! This weekend, another few thousand runners head to London for their Marathon challenge, a brave member of the 08 Direct team included! Whilst the rest of us are saving our legs, we explore the similarities of reaching those all-important goals for…

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Independant businesses across the UK celebrate ‘Independants Day’

To coincide with 4th July celebrations in America, high streets up and down the UK celebrate our very own Independants Day which celebrated the role that independent shops play across the nation. As the day got under way, the cabinet of economic development released brand new stats which state at for every £1 spend in…

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Small business confidence reaches highest point in three years

Business confidence is said to be at a three year high according to The Small Business Index, a measure of confidence released by the Federation of Small Businesses. The measure reached 15.9 points in the second quarter of the year, which is up 9.6 points compared to the first quarter of 2013 and is the…

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FaceBook moves a step closer to acquiring Instagram

Earlier this year it was announced that FaceBook had struck an agreement with Instagram to buy the photo-sharing company for $1bn (£637m). However, since then any deal has been delayed by The Office of Fair Trading who have undertaken an investigation into the takeover. Today they announced that they will not be referring the deal…

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