08 Direct Become Horndean FC’s 12th Man

08 Direct has made a generous donation to Hampshire-based football club, Horndean FC. The club which was founded in 1887 established a committee in 2008 to begin to encourage growth and bring about the highest standard of football achievable. Being a Leeds-based company 08 Direct takes its role in the community seriously and admire the…

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What’s The Catch? It’s Sound too Good to be True…..

Are consumers overlooking a good deal these days because of scepticism or the worry of being caught out by a scammer……..? 08 Direct’s services are completely free with our wide range of bronze numbers all available free of charge but what’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one…… Recently we have noticed that consumers find our…

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Telecommunication Network

A telecommunication network is the technical term for a collection of terminals. Communication is passed between these terminals using links and nodes. It is a method of sharing information between users whether it is audio, visual or data communication. Data is passed in real-time meaning communication takes place in seconds. They often fall into the…

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