6 Simple Ways To Give Your Business A Digital Edge

Take a look around you and consider how you communicate, or how you take in the latest news. There is no denying that the world is very rapidly moving into a digital age. Your customers and staff have already embraced the use of mobiles phones, laptops, tablets and more and this is only going to…

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disaster recovery

10 things that should be in your disaster recovery plan

Any business can suffer from a disaster, such as a flood or fire or be seriously affected by cyber attack or staff illness. With all this in mind, it’s vital that as a business owner or senior manager you have procedures in place to guarantee business continuity. When deciding if your business needs new disaster…

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5 Reasons why your business could be ready for VoIP telephony

VoIP or Hosted Telephony isn’t something brand new, I’m sure many business owners will have come across it over the last few years. However, as with all modern technology, it is a service that has massively benefited from continuous development, and should now be seriously considered by all business owners. 1. Loss of business due…

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14 tips to writing an awesome start-up business plan

The starting point to launching any successful new-start up is the business plan. Writing it can seem a daunting task but it is a vital component to securing financial support or investment. It’s also crucial to your business succeeding and developing. We’ve put together our top 14 tips to guide you through every step. 1.…

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0845 numbers

0845 Numbers – The Experts Guide

The costs to call 0845 Numbers from mobiles and landlines From July 1st 2015 the way calls to 0845 numbers are charged were simplified and brought in line with all 084 numbers such as 0844 and 0843. This has made the costs more transparent as varying costs caused much confusion to consumers and businesses alike.…

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Is Skype a telecoms operator? Belgian court re-ignites an old debate

Virtually ever since Skype was launched in 2003 telecoms operators across Europe have argued that the company should be governed by the same laws they have to work under. The argument has been re-ignited recently after the Microsoft-owned Skype was summoned to court after refusing to pass on customer information to aid a criminal investigation. This…

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