08Direct Case Study – A4Labels LTD

Over the next few weeks we will bring you some great case studies from our clients. Here you can learn how our products and services have helped a wide range of different businesses. First up, is A4Labels who have been a customer of ours for just over a year.

The Challenge

A4 Labels launched back in 2005 and as a company enjoyed continued growth. As the business grew the company owner, Colin was finding it hard to balance his time across all aspects of the business, which included more and more business enquiries over the phone.

In addition, Colin felt using a local landline number was having an impact on business as he wanted to attract new business from across the UK.

The Solution

After contacting 08Direct, our advisors suggested that an 0844 number would be perfect for the business. This was perfect as there were no initial costs to connect the number, and it instantly gave A4 Labels a more professional image and a national presence.

A memorable 0844 number was selected, and a personalised script was created and recorded to take full advantage of our call management services. This included a welcome message, voicemail, call whisper and IVR.

In addition, a second 0844 number was connected and setup as a free fax-to-email service. It was only one digit different than the mainline number and looks highly professional advertised together on the website.

The Results

A4 Labels has now developed into one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Printer Labels. Their customer base includes large companies, schools and home businesses.

Colin Hawker, Owner of A4 Labels commented: “I have been delighted with the performance of our two 0844 numbers. 08Direct’s advisors are always on hand to answer any questions and ensure we are getting the most of all the services on offer. Their network has never let us down and I looking forward to a continued relationship in the future.”

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