5 ways your telephone number can make you money

You might not realise it but your phone number can help you make money in many different ways. Here are just 5 reasons why your finance director would thank you for using non geographic  numbers:

1) Earn a rebate on your inbound calls

If your business receives over 50 calls a day, you could be literally losing thousands of pounds a year by not monetising your inbound enquiry line or customer services telephone numbers.

With an 0844 number you could earn up to 4 pence per minute for every call you receive. Think about it, if you have a customer care line, or a busy inbound sales team, how many minutes do you receive over the course of the year?

2) Increase your sales opportunities

An 08 number gives your business a national presence so instead of limiting you to a specific geographic  area, you automatically increase the number of potential customers.

And because you can choose your own 08 number, you can pick one that is really memorable so that your customers will always remember it. More calls, means more sales opportunities.

3) Improve your customer satisfaction

Happy customers spend more and are far more likely to buy from you again in future. Using an 0800 number is a smart way to make your customers feel valued.

Calls are free from a landline, so an 0800 number sends out a powerful message to your customers because you are prepared to pay for the call on their behalf. In fact, according to the Institute of Direct Marketing using an 0800 freephone number can increase your enquiries by up to 185%.

4) Reduce your service costs

The call management features that come with 08Direct’s non geographic numbers help you to handle your inbound calls really efficiently. Simply making sure the call reaches the right person, first time, significantly increases the efficiency of your business and boosts your customer satisfaction.

5) Only spend money on marketing channels that work

With the current economic pressures facing businesses, you need to make sure you focus your marketing on activities that actually deliver results. Using different 08 numbers on each marketing campaign or advert enables you to track the effectiveness of each campaign through the amount of calls received for each one.

So there you have it, 5 top reasons why your phone number is one of your most valuable assets.


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