What can businesses learn from the Winter Olympics in Sochi?

The Winter Olympics are almost upon us so we’re gearing up for some fantastic sporting action here in the 08Direct office. We’re also thinking ahead to the inspiration that businesses can take from the event and the athletes that are taking part. Take a look below at the major lessons we think businesses should look out for over the next couple of weeks in Sochi.

Vision and clear objectives – Every athlete competing in this year’s Olympics will have been training for years for this one event. Having a clear vision and objective is what drives the athlete to be able to perform and win medals. Similar to athletes having the Olympics as their ultimate aim, businesses should have an overall goal that they work towards and keep this as a source of constant motivation.

Realistic Targets – Every athlete has their personal best that they are always working to better. Their target setting is done in as smaller units as milliseconds so that it’s manageable and realistic, so the same premise can be applied to your business. Setting manageable targets help give you motivation to reach them and also the satisfaction of regular target hitting!

Competition – Competition is paramount amongst athletes as they strive to be the best at their chosen discipline. This should be the same for every business, being able to stand up against your competitors will ensure that customers are driven to you and help make your business a success.

The Show Must Go On – The Olympics only comes around every 4 years so when the athletes compete they have to perform to the best of their ability. Many athletes suffer setbacks in their training but they keep going, as they have a goal to reach. This can be translated in to the business world as no matter what setbacks you suffer, you always have to deliver your products or services to those who pay for them.

Consistency – An athlete, even in practice, will always perform to the best of his or her ability as that’s the only way they will improve. This consistent and dedicated approach to training should be the same in business. Customers only care about good and consistent performance of your business, which is what will keep them coming back.

Photography: Karsten Schaffrick

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