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Banks hold key to revitalising UK small businesses

We’re in a vicious circle with our economy at the moment. We need businesses (like yours) to grow and create jobs so that people have more money to spend with businesses (like yours!). Unfortunately, banks have been reluctant to lend money to businesses and that’s caused a problem because without that funding SMEs can’t invest…

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Ofcom bans auto-renew telco contracts

Ofcom has confirmed that rollover contracts, which tie landline and broadband customers into repeated minimum contract periods unless they opt out, will be banned from December this year. The contracts, also known as Automatically Renewable Contracts (ARCs), roll forward to a new minimum contract period – with penalties for leaving – unless the customer actively…

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Apple is now richer than USA Government

Today is the the day that the US Senate is voting on a bill to save America’s economy by increasing its debt limit by $2.4trillion. Now as someone who works for a telecoms business, I like long numbers but in this case I had to write trillion as I didn’t want to type out all…

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Rural mobile and broadband services – let’s get everyone online!

The price you pay for living in the beautiful British countryside is a lack of decent broadband speed or mobile phone services. So advisory group, The Communications Consumer Panel, has come up with a possible solution and is urging Ofcom upgrade rural coverage with the proceeds of the upcoming 4G mobile auction.

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Take That – Robbie’s alternative 0800 number

So, Robbie Williams is at it again. Where would we be without his media-friendly, attention seeking outbursts? Whether you love him or loathe him, Robbie knows how to get people talking about him, and here I am writing a blog about him for 08 Direct…so, “what’s all this got to do with non-geographic numbers?”, I…

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BlackBerry’s bad week

Research In Motion, BlackBerry’s parent company had a bad week last week. RIM’s quarterly profit dropped and it missed its revenue forecast, forcing it to slash its outlook for the future. This announcement sent its shares plummeting as investors were clearly unimpressed. Considering BlackBerry’s widespread use in the business market and in-roads into the youth…

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Case Study: Bloom in Business increases sales through 0844 number

As a new start-up which helps business people to connect and also promotes the benefits of good business practice, Bloom in Business was keen to present an ultra-professional image but without the high start-up costs usually associated with advanced call management services. They also needed to replace individual mobile numbers with a single number that improved their efficiency and gave them a national presence.

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Telecoms news – Nokia and Microsoft join forces

Nokia and Microsoft’s collaboration is another important development for mobile phones and hihlights the importance of mobiles to our lives. Make sure you never miss miss a call by using an 08 number with call forwarding to your mobile from 08 Direct.

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