FSB calls for small business focus in Chancellor’s Budget

Small businesses may be highlighted specifically in the next Budget, if the Federation of Small Businesses has its way.

In an effort to restore confidence to small businesses, and ensure the future becomes a little brighter, the FSB has spoken out today to say that there must be a Budget dedicated to the UK’s smaller firms.

The organisation has outlined recommendations for the Chancellor to look at in order to satisfy the needs of small businesses, in turn, creating new jobs and boosting confidence.

These recommendations include increasing National Insurance Contributions holiday to firms with less than four staff members to create over 40,000 new jobs, cancelling the planned fuel duty rise to initiate a review of fuel prices and motoring taxation, and extending the amount of money available through StartUp Loans for those struggling to finance the setup of their businesses.

The FSB are calling for more focus to be placed upon small businesses after the little growth of the UK’s economy in 2012.

John Walker, National Chairman of the FSB stated: ‘What we need is not more small-scale policies which tinker at the edges but measures that will have a tangible affect both immediately and in the long-term.’

The Budget will be announced on the 20th March 2013.


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