How a non geographic phone new number can increase your revenue?

At 08Direct we specialise in providing a wide range of businesses with complete inbound call solutions. By choosing to work with us you don’t need to worry about credit checks or setup fees, and all new customers will receive our FREE Call Management Package worth £199.

We offer a full range of 08 numbers, including 0844, 0800 and 0845. Whether you want to divert these numbers to a landline or a mobile, we have the systems in place to ensure all your needs are met.

What number is best for your company?

Choose a free 0844 number and give your business a professional look

By introducing an 0844 number you will instantly give your company a national presence. Your customers benefit from the fact they are charged a fixed rate of 5p per minute, regardless of where they are calling from (providing they are calling from a UK landline).

An 0844 number is ideal for small and new businesses as it gives you a big company image as you can advertise a national number, for a your local business.

Your free 0844 number can be connected instantly, and as we don’t do minimum contracts you free to decide how you want your account to progress.

By introducing an 0844 number you can introduce a new revenue stream

In addition to all the advantages above, by connecting an 0844 number with 08Direct you can start earning extra number from your inbound calls.

Once you have started to receive lots of calls every month, you can earn a rebate from us. This works by us splitting the 5p for every minute between the suscriber and provider, meaning your company earns money from your customers calling you.

Get a free phone 0800 number and help increase sales

By providing your customers with a free to call 0800 number you make your company far more accessible. Research has shown that you can increase business enquiries by up to 175% by providing a free contact service.

At 08Direct we have just changed our 0800 number packages, to make our rates the best in the UK. You can get connected for just £4.99 a month, for this you can receive up to 550 inclusive inbound minutes.

Just like 0844, to connect your 0800 number we don’t require any credit checks, minimum contract, and don’t need to pay any setup fees.

Plus, all new customers will benefit from our FREE Call Management Package which includes a Call Whisper, Fax-to-Email, Welcome Message and Voicemail.

For more details on our packages, and to content your number please Visit Our Numbers Page.

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