How giving your company a national presence is key to building trust


Small businesses have been choosing to use non-geographic numbers for years as it gives them a nationwide presence. But how, and why, does using a non-geographic number help you gain the trust of your customers?

So you’re a start-up business based in a small town and you believe your location is hindering your business’ growth, because potential customers don’t think your services can be stretched for use outside your immediate area.

The easiest and best way you can rectify this and have your services used, and trusted, nationwide is by using a non-geographic number, a number that isn’t location specific, throwing open the potential to serve customers nationwide. Customers will now think that your business is UK-wide so will be willing to call, and more importantly trust, you regardless of location widening the possibility for immediate growth in customer numbers and customer trust.

Not only can simply having a non-geo number as your main business number build trust, but the additional benefits it brings can aid your business growth as well. Once you’ve decided which number you want, you can then choose where you want to receive your calls to, so that you can guarantee every call made to you will be picked up.

You’ll also gain the benefits of a professional call management package, so every single call your business receives is dealt with in a professional manner. You have many elements to choose from, how you set up your number is up to you. You could simply just opt for a voicemail or you can add call forwarding, call whisper, a welcome message or an IVR.

Call management is the perfect way to ensure your customers receive the best service your business can give, in turn encouraging trust amongst you and your customers. It’s widely accepted that a business’ call volume increases when using a non-geo number, so your call management package will help you professionally serve every customer’s call, even at your busiest times of day.

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