Independant businesses across the UK celebrate ‘Independants Day’

To coincide with 4th July celebrations in America, high streets up and down the UK celebrate our very own Independants Day which celebrated the role that independent shops play across the nation.

As the day got under way, the cabinet of economic development released brand new stats which state at for every £1 spend in local businesses, at least 50p circulates back into the local economy.

The nationwide campaign by The National Skills Academy aimed at keeping independent businesses alive was fronted by Dragon Den Star Theo Pathitis. He commented: “I am supporting this year’s Independents’ Day campaign as I believe that independent businesses have a vital role to play in our economy.”

It was hoped that many local councils would get involved by encouraging businesses to run events and promotions including discounts and themed window displays. If you took part in any promotions we would love to hear about it!

Jane Rexworthy is the head of The National Skills Academy, she added: “We are delighted to lead this campaign to raise awareness amongst the public of the challenges smaller retailers face. We want to celebrate the rich mix of retail outlets in villages, towns and cities across the UK and encourage independent retailers to invest in skills and training to ensure they continue their strong presence on the high street.”

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