Reaching Goals Alongside the London Marathon Runners

A staggering 888,552 runners have completed the London Marathon in its 33 years of existence!

This weekend, another few thousand runners head to London for their Marathon challenge, a brave member of the 08 Direct team included! Whilst the rest of us are saving our legs, we explore the similarities of reaching those all-important goals for a small business.

The Plan

Before the London Marathon itself, structured training plans are put into place to prevent injury and push runners towards the finish line; the same applies to business. Without a plan and measurements in place, how can we expect to achieve our short-term goals, never mind our long-term?

Motivating Goals

Whilst the overall goal of marathon runners is likely to be crossing that finish line, beating their personal best time may also run alongside it. For businesses, it’s important to focus on one goal at a time, to maintain your interest and energy, but also to include mini-goals for a sense of achievement throughout your hard work. If you start to lack in motivation, like our runners may do in the last quarter of the race, think about the benefits of the task in hand, and build up your passion again!

People Power

Surround yourself with positive influences. People can be a very powerful tool; an atmosphere as vibrant as one at a marathon, the London Marathon in particular, has the ability to spur on participants and create precious memories. Recognising the power of the right team strengths, ideas and contributions can be a business’s strongest resource!

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