How An 0800 Number Benefits Your Business

As a small business, it is very challenging competition with much larger companies that have the same target audience as you. Lucky for you, an 0800 Number gives your company a lot of sale benefits.

Easy To Remember

07 Numbers are easily forgotten and aren’t very professional, there as an 0800 number looks way more professional and is way easier for any potential customer to remember! Not only are they memorable but they are free to call, your customers will have nothing to lose by picking up the phone.

Expand Your Business

0800 Numbers are non geographic. If you are looking to promote yourself as a national business then a non geographic telephone number is certainly for you, this is one of the main reasons why businesses are using them. Simply look through the Yellow pages or the business section of the Sunday Times to see just how popular they are.

Receive More Business Calls

As an 0800 number is free to call from all UK phones, including mobiles, the public places a large amount of trust on companies who provide one. We have seen customers receive a boost in sales calls of up to 175%. Plus, as an 0800 number is ‘non-geographic’ you can advertise nationwide as you are not restricted to your local area. Utilise your new bigger presence by advertising your services over a bigger area, or even nationally.

Never Change Your Business Phone Number Again

As 0800 numbers are ‘virtual’ it simply maps on to the landline or mobile number you provide, and this can be changed at any time. If in the future you move premises or simply buy a new phone, all you need to do is provide us with the new number.


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