Why should your business be using an 03 number?

There are already so many non-geographic numbers ranges, so why do we need another one, we hear you ask…

The answer is simple: an 03 number works in the same way as 08 numbers but it has one major difference, it was designed specifically to be mobile-friendly.

The 03 number range was introduced by Ofcom as an alternative to the high charging 08 numbers. Calls to 03 numbers are never charged at more than a local rate call to an 01 or 02 number and when calling from a mobile, the minutes are taken from most monthly bundles, making the calls effectively free from mobile phones.

This is the first non-geographic number range that allows for mobile users to benefit from, offering advantages that no other non-geo number has brought before. Because of the low-rate calls, 03 numbers are highly favoured by the public, reflecting well upon the businesses that use them.

The use of these numbers has been shown to improve customer confidence because of the impression they give out to the customer and the trust it instils. More and more people are using mobiles to make the majority of their calls but are put off from calling businesses with non-geo numbers because of the high calling costs. Imagine how pleased, and more willing to call you, your customers will be if your business numbers were focused on making mobile calls affordable.

Many businesses have already moved over to 03 numbers, such as Hilton Hotels, First4Lawyers and Richer Sounds and are already reaping the benefits of this specialised number range.

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