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The costs to call 0845 Numbers from mobiles and landlines

From July 1st 2015 the way calls to 0845 numbers are charged were simplified and brought in line with all 084 numbers such as 0844 and 0843. This has made the costs more transparent as varying costs caused much confusion to consumers and businesses alike.

The calls are now split into two parts, an access and service charge.

  1. Access Charge – This set by the callers network provider
  2. Service Charge – This is the per minute cost which is set by the 0845 number range holder.

0845 call charges

This also makes the call costs to vote and ticket lines (some of biggest users of 084 numbers) far easier to understand. Previously TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing or The XFactor only had to state “calls from mobiles will vary” due to large differences in costs from network to network. Now they can clearly advertise the service charge (price per minute) as this is the same from any phone, regardless of whether the call is from a UK landline or mobile.

However, the access charge still varies so we’ve put together a list of UK access charges below, please let us know if your network isn’t listed:

Mobile Network 0845 Access Charges

EE 44p
O2 45p
Three 25p
Vodafone 45p
giffgaff 25p
Asda Mobile 8p
BT Mobile 30p
Co-op Mobile 21p
Lebara Mobile 25p
Lycamobile 23p
Mobile By Sainsbury’s 15p
Oranage 44p
Post Office Mobile 30p
T-Mobile 44p
Talk Talk Mobile 20p
Talkmobile 15p
Tesco Mobile 25p
The People’s Operator 5p
Virgin Mobile 36p

Landline Access Charges

BT 9.53p per minute
Sky 9.5p per minute
Talk Talk 5p per minute
Virgin Media 10.25p per minute

Previously we have also published the service charges for every 084 number currently in operation. Using this information will allow you to come with a detailed cost of your calls.

As a business how should I advertise an 0845 number?

Part of the new regulations have meant that all businesses that advertise an 0845 number need to clearly display the service charge on their marketing materials.

“Calls to this number are charged at (insert service charge) per minute plus your networks access charge.”

The service charge is declared by the 0845 number range holder, our numbers are powered by Core Telecom. The ranges a split by the three digits following the 0845, so for example all numbers starting 0845 619 are operated by Core Telecom.

If you operate an 0845 number you should have been informed of the service charge by your supplier. If not we advise you either use our tool or contact them directly.

How do I buy an 0845 number and how much does it cost?

As a result of the new changes all operators of 0845 numbers now earn revenue or rebate on every minute of incoming calls. This allows network operators to not only supply the number free of charge, but also share this revenue with their customers.

If you are currently paying for your 0845 service we advise that you either contact your provider to discuss your options or speak to us and we would be happy to help.

There will costs associated with advanced call services such as voicemails, ring groups and call queues, but direct call mapping to either a landline or mobile should be completely free.

Can you call 0845 numbers from abroad?

Virtually all 0845 numbers can be called from abroad using the usual +44 perfix before the number, e.g. + 44 0845 *** ****. Though if you’re making the call yourself it is worth contacting your provider to confirm the call cost as they can vary widely. However, please note that many small non-uk network providers to do not support calls to UK non-geographic numbers (such as 0845).

How can you call 0845 numbers for free?

Although calling an 0845 number direct always results in a charge many monthly  bundles are supplied with inclusive calls to 0845 numbers, meaning you can call them with no extra cost on your bill. If you pay for a monthly package for landline calls (such as BT Anytime or BT Unlimited Weekend Calls), it is highly likely these will also include calls to all 08 numbers. Sometimes you will be limited to calls of around 60 minutes, so it is worth checking with your provider first.

In addition most mobile providers supply inclusive calls to 0845 numbers as part of bolt ons, with prices ranging from £3 to £10 per month.

So you can check how to get inclusive calls we’ve researched information from many leading providers:

BT – View Tariffs
Sky – View Tariffs
Virgin Media – View Tariffs
Post Office – View Tariffs
SSE – View Tariffs
Plusnet – View Tariffs
EE – View Tariffs
Vodafone – View Tariffs
Virgin Mobile – View Tariffs



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