5 key ways your business will benefit from using virtual local numbers

Virtual UK landline numbers essentially operate the same as any other fixed landline number. They cost the same to call and numbers are available for every area code in the UK.

But as they are virtual they provide all the benefits of non-geographic numbers such as 0800 and 0330. We’ve put together the top 5 benefits why a virtual landline number could be of most benefit to your business.

Advertise a local business anywhere in the UK

By utilising a virtual local number for any geographic location across the UK you can advertise as ‘local’, regardless of where your business is based.

It could be that you have a national business but want to appear local everywhere, or you operate a small business near a major city and want to expand your business presence into it.

If you’re a self employed electrician based in a rural location near Manchester, but very few customers from within the city use your services, a virtual local number for Manchester would instantly mean you could advertise as a Manchester business.

For other businesses advertising a local presence is vital. For example, many locksmiths will advertise a local number as it will add a level of trust. When a member of the public requires their services it is often at short notice and they will be looking for a local business who can attend promptly.

Use a highly memorable number

As with all virtual phone numbers, there are literally thousands of memorable numbers available for any area code in the UK. Using a number more memorable than a standard number you will get supplied from BT means you will advertise a number your customers will never forget.

Seperate business calls from personal calls

Have you found yourself advertising your home landline number or personal mobile number on the side of your van or business card?

When a potential customer calls you, first impressions are everything. By using a virtual number you can still receive your calls on your landline or mobile, but crucially also utilise a free service called Call Whisper.

When you answer a call from your business number you are notified you’re receiving a business call before answering via a short audio message. The caller is unaware of this and it allows you to answer the call professionally, perhaps welcoming the caller to your business straight away.

Never need to change your contact number

Changing your main business telephone number can be very expensive. Producing and printing marketing materials such as signs, banners, letter heads and business cards is costly, but have you also considered the loss of business from people calling the old number?

It’s common for businesses to move premesis, this could be due to expansion or a strategic decision to move to a different location.

If your business uses a virtual contact number you simply need to change the destination of your calls. There is no need to advertise a new telephone number or put money aside for new branding. You can begin to receive business calls at a new location virtually instantly.

Take business calls anywhere, anytime

Have you ever missed out on business because you were either on another call, were unavailable or missed the call because you were busy on a job?

Virtual call services allow you to re-route calls to a different number or series of numbers or hold callers in a queue until you become available. All in the knowledge that not only is the caller given the impression they are calling a professional company, you also guarantee you won’t miss the call.


George Cotter

George Cotter is the Head of Marketing for Core Telecom and all brands which operate on the network. These include 08Direct, 03NumberShop and 0800NumberShop. You can find him on and Twitter.

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