A History Of The Telephone [Infographic]

It’s fair to say that now a days the telephone has become an essential part of modern living. We can’t leave the house without our phone in our pockets.

Alot has happened in the 141 years since the telephone was invented – with the most rapid advancements happening over the last 20 years. More than just a device for making and receiving calls, our phone has become a camera, games console, sat nav, web browser – and much more. In fact, we don’t even call each other anymore, instant messaging is all we need!

Here’s a run down of the evolution of the telephone dating back to 1876:



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<img src=”https://www.08direct.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/history-of-telephone.jpg” width=”100%”><br /> <p>A History Of The Telephone – An infographic by the team at <a href=”https://www.08direct.co.uk”>08Direct</a></p>





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