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0800 Number Changes – 3 Things We’ve Learnt One Year On

In July 2015 Ofcom introduced a series of changes to the way calls to many 08 numbers were charged. This included clearer call costs to 084 and 087 numbers but by far the biggest change for the inbound telecoms industry was the fact that 0800 numbers became free to call from all phones. Tweet This:…

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Turning Negatives Into Positives

So, N-Power has been fined £2million for not handling its complaints properly. The energy regulator Ofgem said Npower had not recorded complaints properly or given dissatisfied complainers details of the Energy Ombudsman’s redress service. But, with news of the company’s fine all over today’s news, the damage to N-Power’s reputation now goes way beyond the…

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The power of the positive and damage of the negative

So, you have ‘given an hour’ and helped someone to get online for the very first time. They have subsequently spent every waking hour surfing the net and finding all sorts of useful information that they never knew existed, yet alone was accessible at the click of a mouse. They have found old and new friends…

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Give an hour to help others get connected

As you’re reading this you’re clearly already online and pretty-well versed in using the internet. After all, as much as we love our blog, if you are looking for something to read and don’t know much about t’internet, you’re more likely to buy yourself a novel from best seller charts, than seek out our daily…

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Backroom boys – who does what and how does all the technology work?

Have you ever wondered how all of your telecoms technology works and who makes it all happen? One of 08Direct’s technical experts, David Shields, explains all here – and don’t worry, it is all in English so you don’t need a degree in engineering to understand it. So, you use our telephone numbers. Thank you,…

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Big businesses look to SMEs for marketing inspiration

David and Goliath. The FA Cup third round. There are plenty of examples of small triumphing over big, but in business, it is generally accepted that larger is better. Bigger budgets, more resources, greater power and higher profile brands are all the things that most small business owners have traditionally coveted. But this situation may…

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Crisis management – a lesson from BlackBerry

There can be few people who didn’t hear about BlackBerry’s massive service problems last week. A faulty switch at a datacentre left customers unable to use the messaging and web browsing services on their handsets. Initially, BlackBerry tried to play it down, giving little information to the press and customers except short statements saying that…

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The Office Phone isn’t dead – it is more powerful than ever!

As a business owner, I bet you get several calls a week from companies promising to upgrade your office technology with revolutionary new systems that will transform the way you work. But when you take the plunge and install this technology, you find that these claims were overhyped, or certainly premature, as the technology fails…

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Apple is now richer than USA Government

Today is the the day that the US Senate is voting on a bill to save America’s economy by increasing its debt limit by $2.4trillion. Now as someone who works for a telecoms business, I like long numbers but in this case I had to write trillion as I didn’t want to type out all…

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