Changes to 080, 084 and 087 telephone numbers – 4 things you should know

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From 1st July 2015 Ofcom are changing the way calls to 08 numbers are charged. This move has been made to clear up public confusion on exactly how much many non-geographic numbers cost to call.

All companies who use an 08 number should now have been informed of the changes, and the correct way to advertise their number. However, 08Direct has cut through the jargon and put together the most important things to be aware of.

For more detailed information please refer to: www.ukcalling.info/industry.

Service charges should be clearly advertised

Each 084 (0845, 0844, 0843) and 087 (0870, 0871) number is allocated to a particular network operator by BT. This is split by the 5th, 6th and 7th digit, so for example all numbers starting 0844 504 belong to 08Direct’s sister company Core Telecom.

The network operator now has some freedom to decide how much calls will cost per minute, and this cost needs to be clearly advertised alongside the number. If you advertise one of these numbers you should have already been informed by your provider of what steps to take. If you’re not aware of the new service charge to your number, we have a full list here.

Callers to 084 and 087 numbers are now charged a connection fee

As well as the service charge described above callers will also be charged a connection fee by their own telephone provider, whether this be landline or mobile. The public will have been sent information on these charges through the form of an email or SMS, and it is advised you check this cost before calling.

Companies operating 0845 numbers can now earn a rebate on inbound calls

For a number of years users of 0844 numbers have been able to earn a rebate on their calls, and as Ofcom have grouped them together this is now the case for 0845 numbers. If you generate a high level of inbound calls you could be entitled to earn revenue on each minute, or at least offset the cost of operating the number.

0800 Numbers will be free to call from mobiles

Previously 0800 or Freephone numbers have been completely free to call from landlines, but anything up to 41p per minute from a mobile. This will come to end when 0800 numbers become completely free to call from all phones.

This is of course great news for consumers, but the operating costs will increase due to the network operator now being charged more to receive calls. If you currently advertise an 0800 number look out for communication from your provider.

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