Four obvious reasons calls to your 08 number are failing and how to solve them

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With help from our team of engineers we’ve put together four very common mistakes they experience which are so easily avoided.

During busy periods our engineers can take a couple of hours to look into reported faults, during which time your business could have lost vital business.

Diverted Non-Geo Number To Itself

Businesses that use virtual numbers have the ability to map their business calls to any landline or mobile, which can be changed at any time. Far more common than you might think is the occurrence where users of non-geo numbers have mapped or diverted the number to itself.

Problems occur when the user has in-putted their 08 or 03 number itself as the destination, this obviously results in failed calls and loss of business.

Calls hit personal voicemail before answering

This is a common issue with business owners who map their 08 number to either their own or a colleagues mobile. The is often the case for businesses who still want to take calls out of hours, rather than ask callers to leave voicemail messages.

If the mobile in question only has a short ring time before the voicemail service activates, then business calls could be unanswered, or worse, cut off. The solution is to simply extend the ring time on the destination number before the voicemail activates. The same problem also results in failed Hunt Groups, which is a service which calls a list of destination numbers in a set order until it is answered.

This can be solved by calling your voicemail service and changing the settings, or otherwise simply call your phone provider who will be able to adjust it for you.

Voicemails missed by using an in-correct email address

Using a voicemail-to-email service is ideal for businesses looking to listen to messages on the go, ensure multiple staff members have access to listen, and those who want to create an electronic back-up of all messages. Obviously, this service is only effective if the voicemail messages are being delivered to the correct email address.

We have experience of messages being delivered to an email address that doesn’t exist, is never checked or is still being received by a former staff member. It only takes a few seconds to check and change where voicemails are being delivered.

Fault with destination landline or mobile

We have experience of customers calling our account managers to report a fault with their number, only for the result to be that the fault is with their physical landline or mobile.

We map 08 or 03 numbers onto an existing destination number so if there is a fault with that service, our calls as well as all other direct calls will fail. One of the first things our engineers do when looking into a fault is call the destination number directly to check the line is active.


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